Many Aussie families are in darkness this Christmas, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

“Every month I tried to make a payment, but it would never take anything off the bill. I had shame that I'd never felt before.”

Hope in the Darkness

Debt nearly crushed Trixie’s dreams of a home for her young family. Completely isolated, she had to rely on a phone box out the front of her home for communication with the outside world. It was a dark few years for Trixie and her kids as debt ravaged her children’s futures. Despite her best efforts, they were barely getting by and there was no way out. Then, Trixie called CAP.

CAP Debt Coach Jenni’s arrival at their home was much anticipated — their first visitor in a long time! Her presence offered a glimmer of hope. She knew it wouldn’t be a quick fix, but from that first visit Trixie had hope that the future would be bright again for her family.

Bring the light for families this Christmas

Behind Jenni, there is a dedicated church and a team of staff at CAP Head Office, making Trixie’s story of hope possible. This December CAP will receive 250 calls from families just like Trixie’s as debt pressure mounts through the holiday season. Will you bring hope to these families who are isolated by debt? Help bring the light this Christmas: through an answered phone call, a budget solution, or through continued support by the local church.

Where your money goes

A month to answer one phone call every month (recurring payment).





To answer a 1st phone call.
For a first home visit.

To support a client on their journey to becoming debt free.

To provide the hope of a budget solution.

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